In the spirit of the holidays,
we invite you to join us at our store –

2016 – Marks a Change to our

Studio-wide Holiday Sale!

Visit the Store at Clay Space and our Holiday Annex

during our special sale weekend –

and stop by the Store and Holiday Annex anytime

during studio open hours in December!

Clay Space Store and Holiday Annex
Special Store and Holiday Annex
Sale Weekend Hours
Friday     | December 2 |   4pm to 7pm
Saturday | December 3 |  11am to 5pm
Sunday   | December 4 |  12pm to 4pm
Special Happenings

Saturday Afternoon
1pm — Music
Gimpl Hill Irregulars
(three guys who really know how to play!)
Wes Hardin, Charles Atwater and George Anderson

2:30pm — Metal Clay Demonstration

Donna Yutzy, Some Girls Jewelry and Clay Space Instructor

Saturday & Sunday
Light Refreshments

Clay Space Store and Holiday Annex
During the month of December,
visit our Store and Holiday Annex in Studio 6,
anytime during Studio Open Hours!

Whose work will be at Clay Space this year?


James Laub | Tabitha Buzby | Mari Corrigan | Ellen Davidson
Steve Daniels | Shelly Fredenberg | Dick Graveline
Barbara Herman | Sandra Schock Houtman | Diana Huntington Jesse Jones
| George Kokis | Cathy McGrath | Hank Murrow
Merry Newcomer
| Faith Rahill
| Richard & Robin Sanchez
Richard Strunk | Katie Swenson | James Tingey | Carolyn Tyrrell
Mariah Rose Williams

Garden Flags
Sandra Harder


Shannon Hardin | Penny McAvoy | Carolyn Tyrrell | Donna Yutzy Sandra Harder

Photography, Cards

Jerry Jump | Theda DeRamus

Prints, Painting

Phoebe Cole | Lesley Strother

Bonnie King | Mazet Studios | Veeda

and more!