Aside from our clay classes we also have...

Metal Clay Jewelry
Take a workshop that will give you the means to create original accessories like earrings, rings, necklaces and more! We offer an atmosphere for the novice and committed expert alike. Students can join a workshop confident that they will learn the basic skills required to complete a one-of-a kind piece.

Mixed Media
Our mixed media classes are another excellent way for students to explore their creativity without pressure or preconceived expectations. Everyone has a unique style and vision, and eventually finds preferred materials of choice. Our workshops present a variety of collage and assemblage techniques with different approaches to creating mixed media art. Whatever the workshop, a variety of processes and materials will be explored. You might learn techniques for painting with acrylics, watercolor or tempera; coloring with pastels, colored pencils or markers; collaging with papers, boards or ephemera; or embellishing with transfers, images or objects. Sketchbooking and book binding skills might also be explored. The freedom of mixed media forms of expression lets you try a variety of skills and techniques as you find your favorite ways of making art.


Learn mosaic techniques that involve the art of creating or covering a surface with an assemblage of small pieces of tile, china, colored glass, stone, or other materials. Mosaic techniques can be used to create a flat surface design or the technique can be applied as a decorative surface to existing or recycled objects.

Specialty Classes Available at Clay Space
Pull together a few friends and we can organize a class for you!

At Clay Space you can take a class, sign up for a workshop, create a program of independent study, gather friends together for one of our specialty classes or create your own class!

You are welcome to

Create a Class!

What do we mean by create your own class?

Have a great idea of something you want to make? Or what your children or family would like to do? Do you know some people who would like to join you? Then let's create a class! Call Clay Space to make arrangements.

Talk with Sandy or Shannon at 541-653-8089.

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