Pizza Parties

Plan your next Party at Clay Space

Looking for a new venue to host a party or a gathering of your friends? Look no further. Here at Clay Space, you and your friends can come and enjoy a lesson in working with clay, then experience the thrill of creating your very own pizza. Customize your pie with your favorite toppings and watch it cook in just over two minutes in our custom built wood fired pizza oven.

Party Time!
Have a party at Clay Space! Bring your friends, favorite pizza toppings and refreshments to this fun and interactive experience. For $30 per person (10 people minimum), Clay Space will provide the wood, heating of the oven, dough, and our knowledge of creating and baking your very own pizza pie.

Add a clay project to your pizza party! For an additional $20 per person ($50 dollars per person total) you and your friends will be coached through the steps of hand building your own piece of pottery. Give us a call!

Check out our video clip from one of our pizza parties by clicking on the video directly below.