Ways to use the Studio

Studio use memberships are for people who do not need basic instruction about working with clay or studio equipment. If you can work independently and safely on your own ceramic projects, a membership, 10-pack or day pass is for you! When you come to Clay Space, select a time-frame that suits your lifestyle. If you need some instruction, inspiration or a refresher, consider a private lesson or sign up for a class! 

Studio Membership Categories

Month by Month Membership
• A one-month membership pass

• Enables you to use the studio for one calendar month.

• All general membership benefits included

Ongoing Membership
• Members signing up for an ongoing membership with a 3 month-at-a-time

   commitment (monthly automatic withdrawal)
• All general membership benefits included

   Three Months: $99/month

Firing Membership
• You work in your home studio & need a few Clay Space benefits
• Receive firing package at membership price
• Month by Month: $35/month

10-Pack and 5-Pack

Buy a card that gives you ten all-day visits to the studio. This card expires 12 months from the date of purchase and gives you a lot of flexibility.

Clay is additional (includes all firing and glaze materials).
  $95/ 10-Pack
  $65/ 5-Pack

Day Pass

Come in and use the studio for the day. This option is open to past and current students and friends and family. Spend a couple of hours or a full day making whatever inspires you! Get another day pass to come back and glaze your pieces.

Clay is additional.

  $15/Day Pass

Walk-in Firing Service also available

Working Member

• Spend 16–20 hours/month working on Clay Space projects

• General membership benefits

• Limited availability. Talk to staff about opportunities.

Check out our "Support the Arts" Memberships

What do you get with your membership?

General Membership Benefits include:
• Studio access 7 days a week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am to 7pm, Friday 10am to 5pm, Saturday 11am to 5pm & Sunday noon to 5pm (Evening hours may change with our class sessions. Please check for current evening hours if you plan to use the studio after 5pm Monday through Thursday.)
• Use of studio equipment: wheels, slab roller, extruders and tables
• Access to studio oxides and glazes
• Opportunity to fire at cone 10 reduction
• Low fire options available
• Locker for storing personal items and tools
• Shelf space for works in progress
• Purchase clay onsite
• Opportunity to sell in consignment store / gallery with a 30% commission to Clay Space
• Work in a shared creative environment
• Be part of studio sales at the membership commission rate