Studio Artists

Clay Space private studios are occupied by an eclectic groups of individuals representing a variety of disciplines and interests.
Current Clay Space Studio Artists
Aaron Dick | Ceramics
Lee Dwyer | Ceramics
Drew Harrington | Mixed Media
Barbara Herman | Ceramics
Dean Grosnick | Wood & Ceramics
Helen Kaufman | Ceramics
Jim Laub | Ceramics
Brunson Moody | Ceramics
Janiece Woodland | Ceramics
Matty Maxwell | Ceramics
Cathy McGrath | Ceramics
Dawn States | Ceramics
Yvonne Stubbs | Ceramics
Mariah Rose Williams | Ceramics
Miranda Zimmerman | Illustrator, Multi-Media
Artist Statements
Barbara Herman

My pottery is primarily wheel thrown porcelain. My pieces are inspired by garden scenes. I derive my designs from actual places I have been or from my imagination. The brushwork is influenced by Chinese brush painting. I love to paint and I love to use clay. Combining painting with clay work is a natural evolution for me. My hope is that each piece is delightful to use.

Helen Kaufman


Upon entering the studio, as I uncover my work, my mind’s eye sees the next step in its emergence. I reach for the tool that will define the contour… slowly carving, moving more rapidly as the process takes over and I leave my everyday self behind.


Each time I begin a new piece by choosing a size and shape of solid, moist clay. My fingers, hands and sponge begin with a shape, line or opening and one motion leads to the next as the form emerges. As the clay dries, I use wire sculpting tools to further define the form. Over time I have experimented with how much clay can be removed from the interior, creating a deeply carved, complex three-dimensional form. Though I do not work from models or drawings, the sculptures remind viewers of the form, rhythm and movement found in the natural world.


I’m an avid explorer of the inner and outer landscape; I still throw a few pots — but spend most of my time sculpting clay and enjoying the facility and people at Clay Space.

About Helen:

Helen Kaufman is one our private studio artists. She has shown her work at a number of places — currently her work is showing in Oregon at Earthworks in Yachats. In June, Helen will be showing work at the Guardino Gallery on Alberta St. in Portland, with an opening on Thursday, May 31st.


Helen’s love of clay dates back to the 1970’s when she spent ten years as a studio potter and the co-owner of Clay Pigeons in Riverdale, NY. After years in the studio, Helen returned to graduate school and spent the next ten years as student and Art Therapist. She feels that her experience as a clinician has deepened her appreciation of the relationship between creativity and healing. 


In 2015, Helen, with her husband George, moved from New York to Eugene. Having spent time exploring the studio options in Eugene, it was clear that Clay Space was a perfect place for her to continue her work with clay.

"Upon entering the studio, as I uncover my work, my mind’s eye sees the next step in its emergence. I reach for the tool that will define the contour… slowly carving, moving more rapidly as the process takes over and I leave my everyday self behind."

Drew Harrington


I paint imagined moments in time—abstracted, and often imprinted by humans or animals. I hope to suggest movement and mystery in my work.

My compositions are shaped by the color and geography of both my native southwest and the beautiful northwest where I now live and work.


Drew Harrington

Janiece Woodland


For many, many, years, I have been an avid gardener. I have gardened in the Rocky Mountain areas around Denver and Boulder and now I garden in the great Pacific Northwest.  I have grown vegetables, flora, trees, shrubs, grasses and pretty much anything I could get my hands on. It has been one of my passions over the years and it still grows. There is something about working in the dirt that is so extremely satisfying. In the spring, I can hardly wait to get outside and feel the damp earth between my fingers.


There was, however, something missing. I needed a way to play in the mud of the outdoors AND create something during the fall and winter months when gardening is slow or at a full stop. I had always wanted to try ceramics and specifically, to learn how to use the potters' wheel. Life (and work) always got in the way…and then I retired.


I started my newest journey of mud in the fall of 2018 by taking a wheel class locally. I was hooked. In January 2019 I took my first wheel class through Clay Space and — I have never looked back. For me — working with clay is a natural extension of gardening and gardening is a natural extension of working with clay. Both provide the same sense of being part of the earth; of wellbeing, and a sense of calmness not frequently found. The creation of functional pottery goes hand in hand with growing plants for food and beauty and I am enjoying working in that space.

Miranda Zimmerman

Miranda uses inspiration from nature and her background in biology to create intricate and dreamlike creatures in a variety of media.  Her work invites the viewer to explore a world where the lines between science and fiction are blurred. Drawing on her graphic and illustrative skills, she has spent this last year working on incredible illustrations for a recently published book, “Encyclopedia of Insects”.
Barbara Herman
Barbara Herman
Barbara Herman
Helen Kaufman
Helen Kaufman
Drew Harrington
Drew Harrington
Janiece Woodland