Lifeline Members

Thank You's
We have some big Thank You's to share with people who have offered enormous amounts of help, energy and support to Clay Space, each in their own way. Our heartfelt thanks!
Dan Smellow
Lynn Buckman
Hank and Bev Murrow
George and Cindy Kokis
Karen Perkins
Tana Hagen
Coni Tarquini and Jerry Jump
Trudy Earls
Sue and George Burgott
Jesse Jones
Rebecca Lyons
Barbara Herman
Art Nersesian
Tom Rohr
Ellen Davidson
Katie Swenson
Anna Stehle
Bonnie King
Laurie Kinder
Gary Smith
Pat Brooks
Avi Harriman
Saralyn Brooks
Larry Sutton
Website photographs thanks to: Lynn Buckman, Jerry Jump, James Laub, Hank Murrow, Dora Valkanova

Thank you to the folks who have been in support of us since the beginning (We are here because of you):
Jean Names
Bev Soasey
Rogene Mañas
Kathy Kale
Sheila Roth
Jerry Williams
Mary Hindman
Peg Douthit-Jackson
Katie Ryding
Shelly Hansey
Josh Mazet
David Burtner
Tabitha Buzby
Stacy Jo Scott
Sam Yao
Bob Richardson
Sara Miller
Connie Wagner
and all of our members!