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One Day Only — Saturday, Dec. 9, 2017

11am to 5pm

We'll have a selection of ceramics and jewelry by 13 studio artists – our store and a private studio will be open for browsing too!

Participating artists include:

Jim Laub, Ellen Davidson, Helen Kaufman, Hannah Zander, Mari Corrigan, Richard Strunk, Sandra Harder, Mariah Williams, Pam Horn, Cathy McGrath, Karen DeLeeuw, Pete LaVelle, Richard Graveline


Silver Metal Clay: Pendants, Earrings & Charms 
Donna Yutzy
Saturday, Jan. 20th | 12:00pm to 4:30pm

A class for beginners and not quite beginners! We will cover the different skills of working with fine silver metal clay, including setting of kiln ready stones (CZ's). 

Metal Clay: Creating with Silver & Copper 
Donna Yutzy
Wed, Feb. 28th | 5:30pm to 8:30pm
& continued on
Thurs, March 1st | 5:30pm to 7:00pm

This class will show you how to create patterns with copper dots on your silver pieces. We will build pendants and earrings. Adding the copper will give your silver jewelry a great new and exciting look! 


Session 1: January 8 - March 2 (8 weeks)
Celebrating Porcelain 
Katie Swenson

Mondays 12pm to 3pm
January 8 to February 26

Join us for an afternoon class of hand building with Porcelain – a celebration of light in the

dark days of winter. Porcelain embraces light and lets it shine through with a glow that is intriguing, inspiring and delightful.

Int/Advanced Wheel Throwing 
Mariah Williams 
Mondays 7pm to 9pm
January 8 to February 26

Would you like to hone your wheel throwing skills? Do you have an interest in throwing multi-part forms? Have you ever wanted to create the perfect teapot? This class is open to intermediate/advanced level throwing enthusiasts who are interested in developing their techniques and creating multi-part forms with depth and decoration.
Handbuilding: Evening Class 
Pam Horn
Tuesdays 6pm to 9pm
January 9 to February 27

Learn to handbuild anything you choose. Whether you are new to handbuilding, or looking to continue to grow your skills, this is a fun filled class for anyone interested in creating with clay.

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Beginning Wheel Throwing
Mariah Williams 
Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm
January 10 to February 28

Discover the intricacies of working on the potter’s wheel. Learn and develop the basics of wedging, centering, and creating forms on the wheel.

Getting Creative with Clay!
Emily Bellehumeur 
Wednesdays 1pm to 4pm 
January 17 to February 7 (4 weeks)

Fire up your muse! Test the waters! Have fun, meet new friends and play with clay. This four week handbuilding class is perfect for seniors and those interested in taking a “clay break” and learning a bit about clay. 

Handbuilding: Morning Class
Ellen Davidson
Thursdays 10am to 1pm
January 11 to March 1

Make almost anything you can imagine! Discover ways to form and texture your pieces. Learn the techniques of glaze application and overglaze decoration. 
Off the Center: Integrating Wheel & Hand Building  
Karen Perkins
Thursdays 7pm to 9pm
January 18 to February 22 (6 weeks)

Are you looking for a new creative push to your wheel work? Are you a hand builder, looking for some of that organic curvature so readily available to wheel throwers? In this class we will approach form, starting from your preferred techniques. We will explore ways to push our work to another level. 

Porcelain on Saturdays!
Katie Swenson

Saturdays 10am to 1pm
January 27 to March 3 (6 weeks)

Happy New Year and what to do?! Consider a resolution to let yourself play with clay and spend Saturday morning learning about Porcelain. This clay is the white, fine and translucent material that exhibits color and detail better than any other clay. 



Take time to view this archive before the end of 2017!

During the first week of January it will be packed for relocation to a permanent home at Mt. Hood Community College. This archive is a collection of pots, clay tests, geological maps, essays, letters, books, tools, rock samples, and more, left behind by David Stannard, an Oregon potter (1925–2009). Included in the archive are a collection of pots from well-known studio potters in the English tradition as well as a number of pots from potters whose work has grown from their connection to the University of Oregon.

A bit about David...

David grew up in rural China, surrounded by the "craft economy" that still existed there in the 1930's. After being bitten by the clay bug in college (he was a chemistry major), David worked in a rural Mexican pottery village in 1951, at the Leach pottery and with Michael Cardew in England in 1952-53. He came to Eugene in 1954 to establish his own pottery (Hilltop Stoneware), using materials sourced entirely from the landscape. He earned a masters degree in Soil Science from OSU, and later joined the faculty of the University of Oregon Ceramics Department.


One room of the UO pottery studio was a 'terr-arium', containing earth materials that David and his students had mined during camping expeditions in Oregon. In the early 1970’s he spent a 2-year sabbatical in Alaska, establishing a clay cottage industry in an Inuit village. This preceded his final move to Fairbanks, Alaska in 1980. The change of location led to further research into porcelain stones and local resources in Alaska.


Clay Space was selected as the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene’s 2017 Arts and Business Partnership Award recipient! The award was presented at the BRAVA breakfast on June 2nd in the Hult Center lobby. Clay Space and local potters participating in Food for Lane County's Empty Bowls fundraiser were honored this year. We're proud to be part of all the local artists who continue to create the bowls for Food for Lane County’s annual Empty Bowls fundraiser!

Thank you, John Barry for the warm introduction, Dee Etzwiler for creating a beautifully designed custom award for the occasion, Jay Jones for a memorable video documenting this brief moment of acknowledgement (!) AND our Clay Space members and community supporters!

November 22
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November 23 & 24
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December 9
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December 24
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December 25 & 26
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January 8
Session 1 Classes Start

January 20
Silver Metal Clay Workshop

February 28 & March 1
Metal Clay: Silver & Copper Workshop


Our throwing and hand building classes are a GOOD DEAL!

With each class session you enroll in, our students receive instruction from professional ceramic instructors AND students have unlimited access to working in the Clay Space studio during regular open hours. This access begins with the first day of class and runs through the last day of class. It’s a good deal!
Clay Space, besides having a focus on education and developing the craft of ceramics, is also a production-capable facility?

We have the knowledge, experience and capacity to do small production runs – let us help you bring your vision and product to life!
We are equipped with both slip-casting equipment and a hydraulic press. If you have a project in mind, we'd love to talk with you!
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